To join the NYU unit, download a membership card and mail it to:


123 University Place

New York, NY 10003

What is this card?
It is a union membership card for ACT-UAW (UAW Local 7902). The top portion of the card is for the local, the second part is the dues checkoff authorization; for our records, and the bottom section is the same for the University's records.

Do I have to sign it?
Our contract requires all part-time New School teachers to be members in good standing.

How much are the dues and when do I have to pay them?
Dues are 1.15 percent of gross salary (e.g., for every $100 earned, dues are $1.15). Because dues are deducted by the New School from your paycheck on the local's behalf, they are never collected unless you are paid.

Where do the dues go, and for what purpose?
The money is spilt between our local (ACT-UAW, UAW Local 7902), the UAW International, and our UAW Strike Fund. For more specific information on how our dues money is used, check out the UAW website.

Our local uses its portion of your dues to pay staff when volunteers are not available, to fund organizing activities, and to pay for the legal support needed to enforce our contract.

The UAW International spends money on such things as organizing new members (like the adjunct faculty here at NYU and the New School), staffing, and education and training programs.

The UAW Strike Fund, which is currently over $800 million, is used to support members on strike by paying a strike stipend, health insurance (if you currently receive it as part of your employment compensation), and other strike related expenses. Only union members who participate in a strike are eligible to collect strike benefits.

Is there an initiation fee?
Yes, there is a $50 initiation fee, but it is waived if you join before the contract goes into effect.

Why is it important to sign this card?
Only members can vote to elect officers, ratify contracts, and decide whether or not to strike. Further, only members can become officers and participate in union governance.

By forming our union, we have taken a big step in addressing how the university treats its adjunct faculty. To be able to deal with the university from a position of strength, we need a unified membership. The more signed members we have, the stronger our contract remains. To sustain and further develop meaningful reforms in how we are treated by the New School, we need a strong union.

Didn't I sign up already?
In the past, you might have signed a petition or a card seeking to be represented by ACT-UAW. This is not the same as signing a membership card and becoming a member of the union. It only takes a moment to sign the membership card and the dues check-off authorization.

We are very proud of our union and our contract. We look forward to you becoming an active member of our young and vital union.