Final Election Winners Announced

On May 15, ACT-UAW members voted to fill the following offices:

  • New School Unit Chairperson: Marie Dormuth
  • NYU Unit Chairperson: Chris Rzonca
  • NYU Unit Constitutional Convention Regular Delegate: Cate Fallon

ACT-UAW thanks all the candidates for committing their time and energy to the election, and welcomes these three new officers.

22 Members Elected by Acclamation

Because the following members were running unopposed, the Election Committe declared them to be elected by acclamation on April 24, in accordance with the Election Rules:

  • New School Unit Joint Council Delegate: Morris Arrari, Edward Baumgarten, Michele Frank, Joe Haske, Daniel McDonald, William L. Phipps, Earl Scott, Gregory Tewksbury
  • New School Unit Steward: Mary Apikos, Morris Arrari, Mary Barto, Edward Baumgarten, Jan Clausen, Joe Haske, Lynda Schor, Barbara Siegel, Christopher Stone, Gregory Tewksbury
  • NYU Unit Joint Council Delegate: Matthew J Deluca, Mona Greenfield, Kay Kenny, Antonio Lauria-Perricelli, Jim Morgan, Francine Tyler
  • NYU Unit Steward: Deloss Brown, Matthew J Deluca, Mona Greenfield, Kay Kenny, Antonio Lauria-Perricelli, Jim Morgan, Robert Schaefer

ACT-UAW welcomes these members to their offices, and thanks them for committing their time and energy to making our Local strong!

Election Log

27 Mar 2006: Election 2006-1 plans announced. Notice of Nominations postcard and email sent to members. Proposed Bylaws, Notice of Nominations, Election and Campaign Rules published.
10 Apr 2006: Members vote to adopt Bylaws, paving the way for filling many offices. Members also vote to hold Election 2006-1 on May 15, and to allow the use of absentee ballots.
17 Apr 2006: Nomination acceptance period closes.
24 Apr 2006: Election Committee announces winners in uncontested races, candidates in contested races, availability of absentee ballots.
15 May 2006: Members elect officers in contested races.
24 May 2006: Members vote to accept the Election Committee's report on Election 2006-1, bringing Election 2006-1 to a close.

Questions about the Elections?

The Quick Links at the top of this page will take you to all official election documents and the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). Still have a question? Please contact the Election Committee at

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