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Eric Braverman: The Secrets to Health Are All in Your Head

Dr. Eric Braverman is one of the foremost experts in Integrative Medicine. He views every patient as a whole,
with recognition of the brain’s impact on illness and health.Through his 26 years of medical education, his
training and clinical practice have focused on the brain’s overall health. Why is this important? If illness
starts in the brain, it makes the body sick; if it starts in the body, it can make the brain sick. master cleanse

Some of the latest research shows that disease is a sign of an aging organ. These aging organs send signals
to the rest of the body that can cause havoc.


Dr. Braverman says that people die from their oldest body part – it spreads disease. For example, if someone
is diagnosed with diabetes, their body is most likely failing in other ways. The elevated sugar levels damage
blood circulation, skin, eyes, heart, kidneys, nervous system, and the neurons of the brain, and also causes
weight gain.

These issues used to be considered as “independent yet related symptoms of disease.” But Dr. Braverman has
found that they are all a part of the body’s “aging code,” or how aging occurs throughout different parts of
the body (for example, loss of brain function, hormonal loss, bone and muscle loss, etc.)

Many times, people may be young in many areas, but not in one part. The focus in this way of looking at the
body is on early detection. Also, this promotes inner beauty and inner health. about master cleanse for more information about lemonade diet detox.

The brain controls the body as God controls the earth. People shouldn’t ignore their organs. If someone is
dealing with obesity, there is more of a problem than just food. Obesity is the #1 predictor of death (hidden
illnesses). If someone has an “obese brain” – always thinking about food, eating, cravings, those things that
get them to overeat in the first place – the aging of organs will affect the whole body.


The brain controls the body, thus almost all disease and manifestations of aging are resultant brain or mind-
body interactions. Dr. Braverman delivers health care the same way in which a baby safely arrives into the
world, head first.

PATH Medical has made the startling discovery that, for most people, the brain is attached to the body:
therefore psychiatry, neurology, and internal medicine must be merged. The brain regulates, translates, and
interprets its code as hormonal output from the various other organs.

After the age of 30, the brain code becomes less effective in sending messages to the other organs to produce
hormones. This forces the organs themselves to age. We start to lose our health in small steps. Our organs
will get to a point where they can no longer produce a particular hormone on their own.

Without supplementation, that organ will die and drag the others down with it. Conversely, the aging of
various organs will directly affect the workings of the brain. When we boost the brain, healing and health for
the body will follow.



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There are a few steps that you can take to boost your brain and improve your overall health:

1) Early Testing and Early Diagnosis

2) Finding the Best Treatment (after you have found your “Age Print,” or how old your body really is by
finding out your oldest body part – quiz online at and Younger You book, treat accordingly)

3) Natural Hormone Therapies – taking natural hormones can trick the body into thinking the organ that
produces this particular hormone has not died and over time and total repair, the aging/death sequence of that
organ will stop

4) Take Nutrients and Supplements

5) Adopt the Rainbow Diet


By adjusting your diet, you will get larger amounts of important vitamins and minerals that are key to younger
living. A diet high in colorful fruits and vegetables has been shown to provide many benefits to your overall
health. The Rainbow Diet offers high-nutrient, low-density food. Also with the Rainbow Diet there are more
possibilities of the reversals of poor health conditions to healthy, younger bodies.